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Some Thoughts on Male Psychology

Male Psychologyby Natasha Horsley~
“Don’t be a pussy.” Most of my male clients don’t actually say this out loud, but sometimes I say it out loud for them, just so they know its okay to say what they are really thinking. I think it’s strange that the word, “emasculated” doesn’t have an equivalent for our gender. I suppose most women do not want to be described as “butch”, but it doesn’t have the same feeling of dread that the word, “emasculated” implies. Or perhaps “butch” is just not used as frequently. [Read More...]

Words of Wisdom~Dr. Dan Gottlieb



What is Health? Words and Ideas

by Bev Borton~Health is different for each of us. Not only because each of our bodies is different, but because we have thoughts and ideas about health unique to ourselves. Recent studies imply that … [Read More...]